Communication Styles

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If you're wondering why you click with some people and want to get the gloves out with others, you're on the right page.

"Why does Susan always give me so many details?"

"Why does Mike always talk so much during meetings?"

"He is so abrupt and rude! I don't understand why he can't be pleasant."

It doesn’t matter what story you tell them. If they can’t communicate, the work won’t get done.

Differences in behaviour and communication style impact whether messages are received, heard and understood. A variety of motivators cause us to each value different facets of work and to view success differently.

Whether a team can work together to achieve a goal can hinge on whether there is clear or conflicted communication.

We use the most sophisticated behaviour and communication assessment tool on the market to lift the blinders and get your team looking at each other in a new and positive light.

We will get your communication back on track and that is good for your business.