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Why do I get nervous?

Nerves are caused by a release of adrenalin into your arms and legs. Why? Because you care about the outcome of your presentation. The body’s ‘nervous’ response has been wired into our physiology since the days of saber tooth tigers. Back then, we needed to fight or flight and that adrenaline made sure we’d be able to do both. The stressor may have changed over the last 10,000 years but the physiology is the same. When you are nervous you have excess energy in your arms and legs. Grip a lectern, plunge your hands into your pockets or stand stock still and you are not using that energy. Channel the energy in more positive ways and the adrenalin allows you to deliver a more engaging presentation. You are not alone. Anyone who cares about delivering a good presentation gets nervous. And that’s a good thing.

How do I know who is a leader in my organization?

Want to spot your natural leaders at work? Look to see if anyone is following them. People follow in various ways. They listen when that person speaks, they seek out and follow that person’s advice, and they reference that person’s actions when describing their own. Once you’ve spotted your natural leaders, develop them. If you don’t, they may not realize they are leaders and stop doing the very things that are causing people to want to follow them. Or worse, they may leave and be a leader somewhere else.

Why am I being required to “sell” when I am a lawyer, not a salesperson?

Your company is trying to stay competitive. Today, the company who provides the better service and does a better job at persuasion will win the clients. More and more companies require their employees to develop the business, build relationships and grow sales. There is a language of selling that everyone in your business can learn. Get everyone speaking that language and you can be sure your clients enjoy a consistent experience that persuades them to do more business with you.

How do I build a compelling business plan?

The secret to a compelling business plan is a compelling story. The business story
needs a slightly different structure and requires a lot of work. Investing the time and effort into developing that story will make the difference between a business plan that puts investors to sleep and one that leaves investors energized by the possibility of being a part of your vision.

Why do my coworkers ignore the details?

The reality is that many individuals feel bogged down and overwhelmed by too many details. Some feel the need to only have the key details highlighted before they make a decision and move on. Your belief that you are the only one paying attention to the details may be a perception. Having a better understanding of how different people process and deliver information can clear up these perceptions and create better communications at work.

What is the best career path for my strengths and skills?

If you want to know what path to take in your career, having a better understanding of what gets you out of bed in the morning and why you communicate the way you do will help make the direction clearer. Being stuck behind a desk when you are naturally suited to being out in front of clients only causes stress and almost never guarantees success. Learn about what motivates you and your communication style and you will find the perfect career.