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Thank you to our clients who make our work fun and rewarding! They have generously offered their impression of Perfect Pitch training and consulting programs here.

“We were provided with advice specific to our skills and general presentation insight. It was very professional, always supportive and actually kind of fun. For all experience levels It was valuable time spent.”
Jim Jarrell
Managing Director, ITG

“I’ve worked with Colleen to have three Presentation sessions delivered and each time I have attendees reaching out to me eager to tell me how valuable the session was and how amazing Colleen is. Colleen’s been great to work with and I consider her a valuable partner in the development of our team members.”
Nathania Parnetta
Team Lead Learning and Development, Long View

“This course was extremely helpful and worthwhile, even for someone who already feels confident presenting”.
Wade Brunette
ATCO Structures & Logistics

“Perfect Pitch puts creativity and individuality back into business presentations, where they belong. Their storytelling technique is easy to relate to and effective.”
Shawnah Evans
Account Manager, NGC Product Solutions

“An excellent session to become a top notch presenter!
Brad Berrisford
ATCO Structures & Logistics

“Abigail recently helped me prepare a presentation to a relatively large industry audience. She was instrumental in crafting a presentation that was not only relevant and helpful to attendees, but one that I was proud to deliver. Throughout the process, I learned what differentiates effective from ineffective presentations and I gained confidence in my ability to deliver a quality talk. I would highly recommend Abigail and her team to experienced professionals looking to hone their sales or presentation delivery skills, and first-time presenters alike”.
Gibson Scott, CFA
Director at ITG Investment Research